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Your Taste. Your style. Your restaurant.

Mongolian Barbecue - Fresh ingredients Delicious marinades Limitless options.

Mongo's Restaurant has yours individuality At the center — You decide what goes into your bowl. Try and create without limits. Live your creativity on Mongolian buffet, Mongo's food market, from - whether vegetarian, allergy sufferer, meat lover or pescetarian - your taste counts here. For you, here in Live Cooking - freshly grilled - and has been doing so for 25 years now.

Gesundes Esssen

Your Taste!

Your taste. Your rules. No limits.

Discover fresh vegetables and mushrooms, meat and fish options, delicious seafood, nutritious veggie proteins, Asian noodles, exotic spices, fresh fruit and tempting seasonal highlights at our diverse food market.
Dial Yours marinade- combine Yours Favourite ingredients - create Your favorite dish. — as unique as you.

Gesundes essen bei Mongos

Your Style!

Food that suits you. Fresh healthy

Mongo's food market is a match for your lifestyle!
Regardless of whether you eat high protein or keto, are a veggie lover or live gluten-free, you'll find exactly what you need here. Your individual food bowl — according to your style.

branch in white
Bild vom Mongos Restaurant in Duisburg

Your Restaurant!

It's for you. Your friends. Your family.

Eat together — enjoy individually.
From mild European to fiery Asian, sweet and sour to hearty. Mongo's is your restaurant that combines all tastes. Conquer the Mongolian buffet together with your guests. There is something for everyone! From company parties to birthdays and anniversaries, discover the options for your event at Mongo's Restaurant.

Asiatisches essen bei Mongos

Your Brunch!

ASIA Brunch. Experience more. For the whole family.

Just experience more. It's family brunch time every Sunday from 11.30 a.m.!
To our Asian Brunch We are expanding our range: In addition to the ingredients on our food market, we offer you a Appetizer buffet, one Soup station, one Waffle Station And a dessert buffet!

Reis bei Mongos

Your Health!

Proteins and nutrients just right for your lifestyle. No additives. Without flavor enhancers.

Since our dishes and marinades are homemade, we know all our ingredients and their ingredients in detail! gluten intolerance? lactose intolerance? allergies? We are also happy to prepare your selection of ingredients in a freshly cleaned pan — talk to us!

Gemüse auf einem Teller

No Limit!

Enjoyment without limits.

With Mongo's TOTAL Create your own taste experience yourself, as often and as much as you like!
With our all-you-can-eat offer, you can make every meal at the buffet an experience.

ein Leckeres dessert

Dessert Special

Just more. Just do it.

Just enjoy more! Mongo's TOTAL now includes a dessert buffet - at no additional cost.

Eine Frau bedient sich am Buffet.

Your Event!

corporate party. birthday. anniversary.

True to the motto “Feast together, enjoy individually”, we at Mongo's create a place for groups that caters to every culinary preference. Regardless of whether you are vegetarian, allergic, meat or fish lover: with us, everyone experiences a new dimension of taste and every event becomes something very special.

Buffet im Mongos

Your Meat

Quality - that you taste

Our beef, for example, is the best Irish grazing beef and is characterised by its exceptional quality due to Ireland's unique environmental conditions.
Green pastures, a mild climate and traditional pasture farming contribute to the meat being tender, juicy and particularly tasty.

Gesundes essen

Your Experience!

Experience new things. Over and over again.

Do you also want something new? Then accept the challenge and try out our insect offers.
Here you can try fried grasshoppers, barbecues or buffalo worms baked in tempura dough, for example.

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