The original among Mongolian all-you-can-eat buffets!

How its works.

With our all-you-can-eat classic Mongo's TOTAL kannst du endlos probieren und kombinieren! Stell dir einfach nach Herzenslust die Zutaten für dein individuelles Gericht an unserem Buffet, dem Mongo's Food-Markt, so oft du willst immer wieder neu zusammen.

For each course, choose one of our varied homemade dishes Mongo's Marinaden: Von europäisch mild bis asiatisch feurig, rein vegan, immer vegetarisch, glutenfrei und frei von Glutamat - Du hast die Wahl: Es ist für jeden etwas dabei!

Our buffet for gourmets & explorers:

It's a buffet. Endless variety.

At our Mongolian buffet, Mongo's Foodmarkt, we offer you a wide selection of local and exotic ingredients!

Over 30 types of vegetables and mushrooms, various types of meat and fish, selected seafood, Asian noodles and spices.

There are also regularly changing seasonal products, such as asparagus or reindeer.

Mongo's homemade marinades

Mild in Europe to fiery in Asia.

All marinades offered are gluten-free, free from flavor enhancers and vegetarian, and many are also vegan. We have marked our marinades with the following symbols to give you a better overview:gluten free, free from flavor enhancers and vegetarian, many are also vegan.
We have marked our marinades with the following symbols to give you a better overview:

Chilli als svg

degree of sharpness

Checkmark als SVG

free from allergens

Pflanze als Zeichnung


Pikto als Vegan


Veggies Welcome!

vegetarian Vegan

At Mongo's Restaurant, discover the colorful variety of vegetarian products on our varied buffet. More than 30 types of vegetables and mushrooms as well as various Asian noodles and spices await you here. In addition, we always offer you a changing vegan Meat substitute - from tofu, seitan, soy or tempeh.
And all marinades offered* are vegetarian, many even vegan.

*Information about the seasonal marinade is available at the restaurant.

The concept for people with allergies!

gluten intolerance? lactose intolerance? allergies?

Since our dishes and marinades are homemade, we know all our ingredients and their ingredients in detail!
We are extremely careful when it comes to all information about ingredients and allergens they contain and list ingredients in even the smallest quantities.
We are also happy to prepare your selection of ingredients in a freshly cleaned pan — talk to us!